Journal of Business Law and Ethics Pedagogy

The Academy of Legal Studies in Business’s Journal of Business Law & Ethics Pedagogy (JBLEP), a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, publishes articles of excellent pedagogical research and teaching ideas related to the disciplines of business law and ethics.   JBLEP welcomes contributors to share their innovations in business law and ethics teaching, student learning, and classroom experiences in scholarly articles.

Call for Papers

Call for Papers
The ALSB Journal of Business Law & Ethics Pedagogy is now accepting paper submissions and soliciting reviewers.  The blind peer-reviewed journal will appear in Cabell’s once established.  Submissions can include papers on teaching ideas, case studies, teaching methods, research on the state of business law and ethics education, and other areas related to the teaching of any area of business law, ethics, and related fields.
JBLEP Author Submission Guidelines
Submissions should be at least 1,000 words and submitted as a Word document file that includes the entire paper with a cover page containing the title, name, position, institutional affiliation, address, email address, and telephone number of each author.  Also include a second Word document with all identifying information removed to assure blind review.  Label each file as “FULL” or “BLIND” as part of the file name.  Authors should also include an abstract (up to 100 words) and a list of key words by which to index the submission.  To assist readers, please include both broadly based keywords and more targeted keywords.

Please see the “Author Submission Guidelines” page for more detailed information.
Figures and Diagrams
All figures, diagrams, and tables should be included in the manuscript with clear, self-explanatory headings and, if appropriate, the source at the bottom.
Citations should conform to one of the common academic reference/citation formats (Bluebook, APA, MLA).  If you reference or cite to a source that is unavailable to the general public, please send one copy of the entire source along with your submission.  This copy will remain “on-file” with the journal.
Please see the Author Submission Guidelines for additional submission information.

Call for Reviewers

Call for Reviewers
Please contact us if you are interested in serving as a reviewer for the journal.