Author Submission Guidelines

Submitting Manuscripts
The Journal of Business Law & Ethics Pedagogy (JBLEP) is dedicated to disseminating business law and ethics pedagogy research and ideas in an online, open-access format.  JBLEP welcomes contributors to share their innovations in business law and ethics teaching, student learning, and classroom experiences in scholarly articles.  Submissions can include papers on teaching ideas, case studies, teaching methods, research on the state of business law and ethics education, and other areas related to the teaching of any area of business law, ethics, and related fields. Where appropriate, articles should include a discussion of best practices for implementing the innovation in the classroom.  Evidence of successful usage, such as data and other forms of feedback, strengthen the article and greatly increase the possibility of publication.

No simultaneous submit to other journals please; only sole submissions. Submissions not selected for publication are not normally provided feedback. Accepted manuscripts are published electronically on  

All submissions should be sent to JBLEP either via email to or through the service Scholastica (   Authors submitting via email should include “JBLEP Submission” in the subject line and should present their submission via two file attachments.  One Word document file should include the entire paper with a cover page that includes the title, name, position, institutional affiliation, address, email address, and telephone number of each author.  In the other Word document, the author(s) must remove all identifying information from the attached file to assure blind review.  Label each file as “FULL” or “BLIND” in the file title. 

Each article must include an abstract (100 word maximum).  Authors should also include a list of keywords by which to index the submission.  To assist readers, please include both broadly based keywords and more targeted keywords.

A literature review is strongly encouraged as it adds credence to the value of the teaching information shared.  If the article presents a teaching idea, please include statistical or anecdotal support for students’ success of use.  Additionally, inclusion of experiences – both positive and negative – in the design, development, and implementation of the concept are valuable inclusions.  

Selection and Editing
Consideration of submissions is normally complete within eight to ten weeks.  Decisions to accept or reject submissions are based on recommendations received through anonymous double-blind peer review.

Figures and Diagrams
All figures, diagrams, and tables should be included in the manuscript with clear, self-explanatory headings and, if appropriate, the source at the bottom.

Citations should conform to one of the common academic reference/citation formats (Bluebook, APA, MLA).  If you reference or cite to a source that is unavailable to the general public, please send one copy of the entire source along with your submission.  This copy will remain “on-file” with the journal.

Unless otherwise indicated, the copyright of accepted submissions to the ALSB Journal of Business Law & Ethics Pedagogy (JBLEP) is retained by the Author(s). Authors of articles appearing in JBLEP grant to the journal a short-term exclusive license to publish, reproduce and distribute the work. 

Submissions & Inquiries
Professor Christine Ladwig
Editor-in-Chief, ALSB Journal of Business Law & Ethics Pedagogy